Polypeptide and protein drugs by recombination technology improved the availability in their therapeutic uses. Unfortunately, short plasma half-life, low stability to proteolytic digestion and immunological side effects by frequent administration limited their clinical use.
Development of therapeutic drugs by DDS technology that improves the efficacy and reduces the side effects of drugs has been growing rapidly worldwide due to relatively short period of time and cost of 20-30 % compared to development of new drugs.
BPM aims to develop the second generation of pharmaceutical products using new biocompatible PEG derivatives by proprietary technology.

1) Development of the second generation bioproduct conjugated to biocompatible polymers → Interferon, G-CSF, PTH, EPO, Human Growth Hormone, IL-2, SCA,etc.
2) Development of PEG derivatives to increase the bioavailability of drugs by enhancing cell trafficking and specific organ targeting → Anticancer agents, anti-virus agents
3) Development of highly effective siRNA delivery system
→ chitosan based polymer carriers
→ lipid based carriers