Highly Reactive and hydrophobic PEG derivatives for conjugating to therapeutic proteins
First generation PEGs, SS-PEG and SC-PEG, generally possess disadvantages of
1) weak linkages between PEG and protein, 2) side reactions, 3) inability to remove major contaminants and 4) restriction to low MW PEGs. Further, branched PEG conjugates showed much slower clearance rate in blood than linear PEGs indicating that branched one acts much larger than linear one. However, the reactivity of
branched PEGs to proteins are low due to steric hindrance. Our biological PEG derivatives have more hydrophobic-hydrophilic balance property and umbrella like structure resulting in enhanced reactivity and efficacy in vivo.

PEG copolymers with enhancing cell trafficking
Typical PEG conjugation to small molecules, such as Paclitaxel and Campthothecin, showed the enhancing solubility.However, these PEG-drugs are inefficient to deliver the hydrophobic drugs into the cell membranes due to attachment of hydrophilic polymers. Our PEG copolymers comprising a hydrophilic segment to allow the stable and long circulating drug and a positive charged segment to allow high cellular uptake of drugs and to enhance the intracellular trafficking for effective drug delivery. PEG copolymer can be also applicable as effective gene deliver system.

Site-specific PEGylation of therapeutic proteins and peptides
BPM has expertise in the methods by which PEG can be attached to potein or peptides and the selection of appropriate sites on the compound to which PEG is attached. The site and numbers of PEG attached to proteins and peptides are one of key factors to develop PEG-drugs successfully.
Ex) interferon, G-CSF, EPO, hGH, IL-2, PTH, calcitonin,SCA, etc.

Hepatocyte targeting PEGylated drugs
BPM is also developing PEG derivatives to target delivery of drugs to hepatocytes.
With Not only targeting property but also long circulating half-life, The use of these PEG derivatives would reduce the dose of drugs administered resulting in enhancing the efficacy of drugs and lowering toxicity of drugs.
Ex) Antibiotics, Anticancer agents